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Gay Florist in New York City -- Celebrating Gay Pride Day, Liberation & Marriage -- Serving the Special Needs of the LGBTQ Community -- Special 20% Discount

CitiFloral is proud to have always been devoted in its service to New York's vibrant communities of unique sexual orientation--gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight.

We wish everyone a most joyous and celebratory Gay Pride Day Sunday, June 26. March and be proud!

In recognition of gay marriage and liberation and Gay Pride, CitiFloral is offering a special promotion discount of 20% off all orders for products placed online or by phone during Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Gay Pride Weekend. Just use the promo code "gaypride" when you place the order.

If you're a gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer New Yorker and want to celebrate Gay Pride Day or marriage equality or both--or a birthday, anniversary or other celebration--and want to knock the socks off your partner, husband, wife, lover, companion or friend. If you're lucky, you spotted our fabulous new website (after all, that's where you are right now)--and you're halfway there.

CitiFloral provides an exceptional array of unique gifts that can start your partner's day with pizzazz and set the stage for a most exotic celebration of Gay Pride Day sharing with the most endearing meaningful person in your life.

If your tastes are traditionally romantic, there's nothing finer than CitiFloral's stunning red roses--the flower that conveys true love and will always capture their heart. If you want something more unique and unusual, try our exotic tropical flowers sent to us directly from Hawaii. Either way, our flowers will be inspire passion and romance.

And to sweeten your gift, select from the fine chocolates, balloons and stuffed animals that can accompany any floral gift.

Whether the sender and recipient are women or men, you friends at CitiFloral will do their utmost to help make any celebration a special one that you and your loved one will remember.

Every day should be a special time for gay, lesbian, bi, trans and queer lovers. Why not take this opportunity to express your deep love and affection for that special someone? Let CitiFloral help you make it a perfect day with our exquisite roses and other flowers expertly arranged and delivered with nary a hitch. So, get hitched up with CitiFloral. It's our mission to help our LGBTQ customers pursue their lives, happiness and love.

In this era of Gay Pride, gay marriage and marriage equality, we are proud to serve the floral decoration needs of our lesbian and gay friends who are taking the ultimate step of mutual personal commitment —after waiting for this opportunity for a long time — and want to celebrate their marriage with tasteful and impressive floral arrangements that complete the atmosphere of any wedding.

We offer flowers and gift baskets which are very appropriate for gay, lesbian, bi, trans and queer customers. We’re happy to serve you for any occasion or any romantic, personal or professional reason. While we cater to homosexuals, we are a full-service florist based in New York City and serve just about any type of person, business and organization.

Other businesses may tell you that they’'re LGBTQ friendly, but we are actually gay-owned and gay-operated. We understand your heart and your soul. We are your friends and will do whatever we can to make you look good and feel good.

At CitiFloral, we seek to have a business relationship with our customers complemented with personal understanding. We want you to feel comfortable with anything you send to whomever you desire. You should never have to feel embarrassed. You should be proud of whom you are and feel free to do whatever you want.

In 31 years of serving our New York community, we have developed into a well-respected florist in our milieu, boasting clients of all backgrounds, interests and means. We are known for our exquisite flower arrangements, our delectable fruit and gourmet baskets, and our exceptional orchids.

We make deliveries throughout New York City —in the Upper East Side, Yorkville, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village and every other city neighborhood of all sexual persuasions seven days a week.

We are experts in sending orders to and receiving orders from other locations in the US, Canada and most of the world. We will try to understand your language, whether it’s English or another native tongue. We also have a trilingual website available in (English), (Spanish) and (French) versions.

We are prominent members of Teleflora and FTD--—but you don’t have to worry: We have our own style, freshness and quality. We are determined to please you with everything we do for you

We specialize in satisfying the desires and needs of people—whether they be gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer or straight—as well as businesses, theaters and institutions. We’ll assist you in supporting your marriages, relationships, friendships and dealings with other people—whether romantic, platonic or business.

If you are a proud member of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or queer community--or you have your own individual identity--we want you to feel at home with CitiFloral. We will strive to make each of you feel like our most important customer. You will get a special discount for your sexual orientation--and you will receive the utmost personal service.

Remember to use the promo code "gaypride" at checkout to receive your 15% discount on any of our online products.

We at CitiFloral invite you to be our friends as people you can identify with — whether you'’re homosexual straight, or of another orientation. You can count on us for the design style and empathy that fill your very special tastes.

Please visit us in our newly redesigned store — in which everything fits (seeing is believing!) — at 1661 York Avenue in Yorkville on the Upper East Side — accessible from anywhere in Manhattan. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you and serving you. Or, contact us any time by phone at (212) 410-0303 or by email at