New York City Florist Offering Free Same-Day Delivery & No Service Charge

CitiFloral Flowers &
Gift Baskets

  • NYC (212) 410-0303
  • Toll-free (800) 248-4692

Delivery Policy

CitiFloral delivers same-day delivery 7 days a week throughout New York, the US and Canada. Sunday delivery service is available in certain cities at an extra charge. We offer free Regular Delivery. Rush Delivery, Sunday and Holiday Delivery at a cost of $15.00 each.

International Delivery

Please call (800) 248-4692 for estimates on international delivery times.

Sunday & Holiday Delivery

$15.00 for all orders (plus any applicable Rush Delivery charges). Sunday delivery cut-off times and rates apply to holidays.

Free Regular Delivery Cutoffs

Includes free same-day and next-day delivery.

Day of Order Time of Order Estimated Delivery Time
Sunday All day Mon by 5pm
Monday By 12pm Mon by 5pm
By 2pm Mon by 8pm
After 2pm Tue by 5pm
Tuesday By 12pm Tue by 5pm
By 2pm Tue by 8pm
After 2pm Wed by 5pm
Wednesday By 12pm Wed by 5pm
By 2pm Wed by 8pm
After 2pm Thu by 5pm
Thursday By 12pm Thu by 5pm
By 2pm Thu by 8pm
After 2pm Fri by 5pm
Friday By 12pm Fri by 5pm
By 2pm Fri by 8pm
After 2pm Sat by 5pm
Saturday By 10am Sat by 5pm
By 4pm Sun by 5pm
After 4pm Mon by 5pm

Rush Delivery Cutoffs

A $15.00 charge is added to invoice where and when available.

Day of Order Time of Order Estimated Delivery Time
Sunday All day Mon by 12pm
Monday By 10am Mon by 4pm
By 3pm Mon by 8pm
After 3pm Tue by 12pm
Tuesday By 10am Tue by 4pm
By 3pm Tue by 8pm
After 3pm Wed by 12pm
Wednesday By 10am Wed by 4pm
By 3pm Wed by 8pm
After 3pm Thu by 12pm
Thursday By 10am Thu by 4pm
By 3pm Thu by 8pm
After 3pm Fri by 12pm
By 5pm Thu by 2pm
By 10pm Thu by 8pm
Friday By 10am Fri by 4pm
By 3pm Fri by 8pm
After 3pm Sat by 12pm
Saturday By 12pm Sat by 5pm
By 5pm Sun by 12pm
After 5pm Sun by 4pm

Orders may be placed on this site for deliveries anywhere in the US and Canada. Orders may be placed at our international site for deliveries to other countries.

CitiFloral’s philosophy is to offer a fair price with excellent quality and service. To achieve transparency, we do not have hidden charges — what you see is what you get. For certain more costly deliveries, we charge a standard delivery charge. The customer chooses the level of service and knows what the cost will be.

We have always been open seven days a week. We make Sunday flower deliveries, but this service is limited. We are always there for you since the advent of the internet. When you need us, you will find us ready to serve you in the manner you deserve.